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Dog owner uses highway billboard to find his pet | News

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Dog owner uses highway billboard to find his pet
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Dog owner uses highway billboard to find his pet

ATLANTA -- How far would you go to find your missing dog? One man is offering $2,000 to anyone who finds his dog. And the way he's getting the word out is a bit unconventional.

Jay Cunningham, the owner of Superior Plumbing, is also the owner of a pit bull/lab mix named Petey. You've probably seen his company's adds on billboards throughout the metro Atlanta area. Now he's using a billboard to help him find his dog.

Cunningham posted flyers in the neighborhoods where his dog went missing. But
many commuters may have seen his reward poster on a billboard.

The billboard is on the I-75/85 connector just north of University Avenue and just south of Turner Field where Petey ran away.

Cunningham said his dog was on a bus that Superior Plumbing used to transport an ALS patient and his family to the Braves game Sunday afternoon. It was the ALS patient's last wish.

When the family got back on the bus after the game, Petey jumped out and ran.

Cunningham said he has spent most of the hours of the past three days combing the neighborhoods of Peoplestown and Pittsburgh following up on tips that have come in as a result of the billboard.

"We've had many confirmed sightings," Cunningham said. "He's running from people and by the time we get there he's gone."

Cunningham said the people in the neighborhoods he has been searching have been wonderful.

"Everybody is so tuned into helping us get the dog back," he said.

He said the $2,000 is for anyone who finds his dog.

"He's a family member," he said. "Anytime you have a pet that's been with you that long, it's not like losing a kid, but it's definitely somebody you want to keep and get back"

Anyone who sees Petey is asked to call Cunningham's cell phone at 678-410-5715.

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