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Fallen tree ignites fire at SE Atlanta home | News

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Fallen tree ignites fire at SE Atlanta home

ATLANTA, Ga. -- A small miracle happened on Patterson Street in Southeast Atlanta, after a giant, 75-year-old oak tree crashed onto a house, crushing it and causing a fire that spread to the home next door.

It was a sequence of events that happened in seconds.

A giant tree, whose roots may have been loosened by recent rains, came tumbling down. In this case, the tree came down on a house, crushing it to the ground.

It happened in the blink of an eye; the Domino Effect of a huge tree falling from the backyard.

Power lines coming down, a severed gas line and fire.

In a stroke of luck, Keasha Appling, who lived in the house with her two small children, was not at home and her two children were safe, at school.

However, the Applings next door neighbors, Stefanie and Charles Yelverton, whose house also caught fire and was partially destroyed, were at home.

The couple said the smelled gas, saw smoke and knew they had to get out quick. And Atlanta Firefighters contained the blaze before it spread any further.

They said that although it was not unusual for huge old trees to fall following heavy rains, today's sequence of events was rare.

But for Keasha Appling and her children, everything is gone.

Our Help Desk is now working to replace clothing and other essentials. Luckily, Appling has lodging and her children can continue in school.